Until you really know your unique value, you’ll never create what you want or even what you need – Marge Piccini

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Group programs offer personal development and business growth at a controlled pace and within a community of people sharing similar challenges. All group programs offer an intimate, safe and sacred space for personal exploration while delivering the opportunity for explosive growth.

Discover Your Unique Value – Do you have a deep understanding of your unique value? Do you feel like you’re absolutely on target in how you describe yourself or your work? Is your language consistently clear and compelling and do your prospects routinely and happily hire you?  If not, you’re not completely dialed in. And it’s costing you business and keeping you from serving those you are here to help. Honestly, there are PLENTY of your ideal clients in the world, it’s just that even when you do meet each other, they don’t always know you’re meant for them … and it doesn’t have to be that way. Click here to learn more.

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Marge Piccini transforms small business owners into successful business leaders. She’s a proven leader in the areas of business development, sales and entrepreneurship. Marge created CATAPULT, a game changing business acceleration program for entrepreneurs and is co-author of Incredible Business: Expert Advice to Accelerate Your Success, 2010, Thrive Publishing. Her clientele is comprised of business divorcees and entrepreneurs without MBAs.


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