Marge Piccini, a prominent transformational leader, has inspired women all over to find their zones of brilliance so they can make a divine impact, fulfill their life’s purpose and create their legacy.

She empowers clients to stand freely and firmly in their own authentic power without regret or sacrifice. She learned to do it for herself and now shares her secrets to unearth happiness and fulfillment.

Marge’s programs are considered a quantum leap in spiritual, emotional and intellectual development, bypassing years of therapy and painful time often spent whirling around in an abyss of uncertainty.

Marge helps to flip worlds’ right side up so clients can release any self-doubt and begin to enjoy their new, purposeful-driven lives. Any aspect of life, she believes, can be recreated at any time.

“Marge is gifted in seeing within each of her clients their “zone of brilliance” providing the guidance and support to make their business dreams come true. I am beyond blessed to know Marge as a client and now as a friend.”
Paula Jean Burns

Marge’s programs are specifically designed for driven entrepreneurs who rank between high and over-achieving on the achievement scale. She helps clients move into a new dimension of self by liberating their soul expression, and mapping out a powerful and meaningful vision.

Over the last five years, Marge has helped to launch powerful change leaders who now send out their own ripples of inspiration and wisdom through their books, talks and programs.

My Story

I was on top of the world during my 25-year mortgage banking career­ — at least that’s what appeared from the outside. As a leading seller, I was honored and rewarded handsomely for my diligence and assertiveness to make connections and close deals.

My professional peers took notice as I became respected in the industry, so I eventually decided to launch my own boutique mortgage planning firm with my husband Dom.

But something was drastically missing. With all I had on the outside — a thoughtful husband, two amazing children, a lucrative career, community connections and a beautiful home — I was so empty inside.

“When Marge and I began working together, I had a hard time focusing on what exactly it was I needed to focus on. On the outside I had the trappings of achievement and success, but I had run out of creative momentum. Not good for a creative person. Working with Marge gave me a process to find the blocks, chip away, and eventually clear them. She helped me to filter out the noise and hear the music. Wow.” Frances Schultz, Author, “The Bee Cottage Story”

An unexpected trip to Provence, France in 2007 to visit a dear friend completely changed my perspective on life and love. It was then I realized nothing is impossible and anything is possible.

During this journey, when I was reluctantly disconnected from my professional world, I did a dive deep into my soul. Without unnecessary distractions, I was able to create a space to be present. I began to think about what I wanted out of life and what I would eventually leave behind as my legacy.

I reflected back on my parents and how they influenced my life. I saw my mother who believed that she was unworthy of good fortune and did what she needed to do just to get by. My father had many dreams since childhood, but he waited until just before he died to accomplish only one of them.

I wanted more than that for myself! I wanted to live my life and carry out my dreams with intention, and I wanted to do it right now. This is when my true transformation began. My path required me to get down to nothing — to let it all go, to start anew with a refined vision and purpose.

As my self-awareness and self-love grew, I began to see my true potential and worth. My soul began to express itself as a visionary leader, an inspiring teacher, a courageous motivator and as my clients would say “the queen of quantum leaps.”

“Before working with Marge I was always exhausted. Making my dreams come true came second to making my employer’s dreams come true. Since Marge’s program, I am extremely energized about my potential and the future. I have connected with my true source and am totally ON FIRE! Incorporating everything I learned has helped me to intrigue and engage with people in a whole new way. Marge is a valuable teacher, whose insight launched me into a new mindset.” Leslie Karen Hammond

My life is now dedicated to sharing soul-based transformational strategies through mentoring programs, speaking engagements and Inspire! retreats.

No longer do I feel the emptiness I once felt. I use my insight to key into the energy of my clients so our work together is productive, inspiring and deeply meaningful. And, without a doubt, I hold each one of my clients in my heart! Perhaps you will be there soon.

Shining in brilliance,


My Approach


Our work will come from deep within the soul.

During our time together —whether it is through coaching or a talk — you will become inspired to design a life you love.

You will discover how to dive deeply within yourself to unleash your authentic power. I listen. You listen. We will learn from each other along the way. I will hold you in my heart always. This is my distinctive difference.

I offer a variety of ways we can connect, through talks, individual or group mentoring programs, and leadership retreats. I will encourage you to make room for the new by releasing the old, and keeping an open mind about what is possible.

It’s time to move to the front of your life and unlock your true brilliance!