Marge Piccini transforms accomplished, yet burnt-out professionals, who feel undervalued and underappreciated into authentic and inspired change leaders.

Using innovative and proprietary personal, spiritual and professional growth tools and processes, Marge helps her clients stand out as powerful thought leaders, sought after speakers, and valuable collaborators.



Has your career hit a wall and you have no idea where to turn?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in an everlasting rut?

Let’s uncover your true brilliance together. Each of us is brilliant in our own way. Yet sometimes it’s hard to see it ourselves’. We tend to look at our perceived negatives, rather than our distinctive strengths.

“If you wrote all the things that you’re highly competent at on little sticky notes and displayed them on a conference table, you’d fill the entire table and be overwhelmed with confusion about where to start re-inventing yourself. I assert that there are only a few competencies that when combined together represent your true value.

When we get to this point in the process your whole world opens up! You see far more possibility for yourself, feel anchored in your strong sense of self and are blown away by your future potential.”

Through Marge’s three-part Catapult Mentoring Process, you will become a master of self-discovery and begin to create the life you always imagined.

Catapult Mentoring Process

Brilliance – It will all become crystal clear as you discover that you’ve been on two distinct paths of development in life; professional and spiritual. In this phase, we sort through your life experiences, categorize them and ultimately reveal your true value. You’ve been in “training camp” for it your entire life and now it’s time!

Vision – Your intellectual, emotional and spiritual desires will be outlined in a comprehensive vision and plan.

Legacy – Transition out of your old life and in to the new and learn to navigate your major life transformation with grace and ease.


Do you need a rapid recharge for your life?

Are you looking for a lively, inspirational speaker at your next meeting?

Marge Piccini loves to share her life lessons so others can begin to uncover and honor their greatest talents. Each one of her presentations can be customized to align with audience demographics and time parameters.

Talk Topics

Redefining Your Success Equation
Everyone has the ability to create a successful legacy. And even more important each one of us matters! This talk will teach you how to begin to expand your mind so you can align your brilliance with your vision and purpose in life.

Profit More & Prospect Less
Marge will share her five-step formula to double revenue without burning out. This talk will show you how you can stand out more and work less by rethinking your approach.

Lessons from Provence: An Inspired Path to Authenticity
From burnout to brilliance, hear how one trip to Italy inspired Marge to redesign her life and legacy. Discover how taking a meaningful pause and engaging in soulful conversations with yourself can help uncover your destiny.


Are you tired of being overlooked, unheard and undervalued?

Does a room full of transformed women energize you to make changes?Inspire-Transparent-Logo-Tagline

Reignite a Life You Love.

This daylong retreat is a bi-annual gathering of women mentoring women. Marge gathers a community of women together to deliver powerful messages and strategies on how they achieved their independence through transformation.

The retreat is held in an intimate setting in Connecticut, such as the Town & County Club, that can hold up to 100 people comfortably.

As a new business owner, I had hit a wall. Working with Marge I gained insight into how I was holding myself back. With her support, I was able to move to a more positive space and start realizing the joys that come from helping others to achieve their healthy lifestyle. Having a new sense of self and purpose made all the difference in my success.”

Linda Coveney

“Once I retired, I thought my destiny had been reached.  But, Marge opened my eyes and showed me I have a greater legacy yet to create.  Now, I’m investing a lot of energy in that dream because Marge inspired me to go for it.  The best thing is she does this for everyone of her clients! She is a pro at zeroing in on your unique brilliance and igniting your passion. She truly is the ‘Queen of Quantum Leaps.”

Best-selling author of “Leadership Secrets from the Executive Office”

George Hathaway